Pork Belly Rice Paper Rolls

Cucumber, lettuce, herbs & red cabbage pickled w Mama’s sauce

$ 10.00

Smoked Salmon Rice Paper Rolls

Lettuce, sesame seed and pickled ginger w ginger sauce

$ 10.00

Sticky Master Stock Lamb Ribs

Served with fragrant herbs (4 per serve) NGF

$ 19.00

Twice Cooked Pork Belly

Served w charcoal bun, pickled red cabbage and wasabi mayo (NGF) EACH

$ 8.00

Mekong Chicken Skewers

Severed with smacked cucumber salad, 3 per serve (Contain peanuts) (NGF)

$ 15.00

Classic Spring Rolls

Pork and Prawns served with baby oak lettuce and herbs (5 per serve). NGF

$ 15.00

Caramelised Chicken Wings

Spring onion, chili and fried shallots

$ 15.00

Imperial Spring Rolls

Prawn and Crabs meat (3 per serve)

$ 15.00

Grilled Zucchini Rice Paper Rolls

Mustard leaves, mushroom and pickled beetroot w peanut hoisin sauce. NGF V

$ 10.00


Pan-fried Rockling

Turmeric & dill served with peanuts. fragrant herbs and vermicelli noodles

$ 37.00

Crispy Skin Pork Hock

with caramelised tamarind sauce and Banh Hoi

$ 37.00

Monk Curry

Mushroom, young Jackfruit, snake beans, Puffed tofu, sweet potato. V (Mild)

$ 31.00

Saigon Style Stir Fry

Chicken thigh fillet, broccoli, green beans, lemongrass paste

$ 30.00

Lamb Shank Red Curry

Water chestnuts, kipfler potato, curry leaves, lotus chips

$ 34.00

Penang Beef Curry

(Contain peanuts)

$ 30.00

Slow Cooked Beef Short Ribs

Watercress, red onion, mango, cabbage slaw w ginger dressing served with Baos. NGF (Gluten Free available)

$ 37.00

Caramelised Pork Belly Clay Pot

Soft boiled egg served w Jasmine Rice

$ 35.00


Roast Pumpkin

Snow pea tendrils, pomelo, papaya, peanut and puffed wild rice. V

$ 21.00

Beef salad

Herbs, green mango, pickled eggplant, Granny Smith apple

$ 23.00

Lemongrass Beef

Lettuce, fragrant herbs, cucumber, pickle, vermicelli noodle w Nuoc Cham

$ 20.00

Shredded chicken salad

Carrot, herbs, cabbage, red onion w homemade dressing

$ 22.00


Vegetarian Pho

Tofu, broccoli, mushroom and bok choy w vegetable broth. NGF V

$ 17.00

Sliced Beef Pho


$ 17.00

Chicken Pho


$ 17.00

Extra Vegetables

For Pho only

$ 4.00

Extra Chicken

For Pho only

$ 4.00

Extra Beef

For Pho only

$ 4.00

Vermicelli Noodle Bowls


Extra Chinese Bun


$ 1.50

Jasmine Rice

$ 3.50

Fried Rice

Chicken & Prawn (Vegetarian Available)

$ 18.00

Green Stuff Stir Fry

Broccoli, green beans, oyster mushroom, garlic chips w oyster sauce

$ 15.50